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My name is Barry Goss. Along with my partner-in-profits, Brad Weinman, over the last 40 years collectively we've researched, reviewed and personally tested hundreds of online cash-flow opportunities & alternative investments.

Between all the scammy get-rich-quick schemes, conflicting information, and self-proclaimed gurus selling bad advice, it can be really hard to separate all the B.S. from the real thing... especially if you don't know what to look for.

It's easy to find yourself lost, overwhelmed and not even knowing where to begin.

Fortunately, we've already done all the hard, in-the-trenches detective work for you, so you don't have to waste your valuable time and money on garbage opportunities.

Get Access To An Exclusive Rolodex of 'Off-The-Grid' Investments, High-ROI Passive Cash-Flow Opportunities, And Uncommon Wealth Acceleration Strategies.

One thing's for sure...

The wealthy don’t get rich by working jobs that pay by the hour and investing in mutual funds or stashing away money in a 401k.

Instead, the wealthy focus on generating above average market returns using investment vehicles that are OUTSIDE of Wall Street.

Now, these aren’t anything like the typical watered-down investments you see a lot of the financial gurus preaching these days.

And you’ll never see them mentioned on CNBC or The Wall Street Journal either.

Many of the most profitable money growing opportunities out there are intentionally kept hidden below the surface where 99% of people never look.

That's where M4 Insider (M4i) Comes In...

M4i is a "money research" membership club that essentially acts as an ongoing / updated ROLODEX of unique and uncommon (mostly 'off Wall Street') investment vehicles, cash-flow programs, tools, resources, ideas, and contacts.

We specialize in sifting out and doing due diligence on alternative investments — those that offer higher rewards, higher yields, and with mitigated risks — and underground cash-flow / income opportunities.

We also spend time finding and writing about wealth-building resources, tools, and contacts that fall under a traditional asset class umbrella... if, and only if, what we come across helps our members gain a significant edge or has proven to provide abnormally positive RESULTS.

If you’re tired of having to wade through fluff-filled financial research that focuses on boring economic data and political ideology, just to be able to find unique places you can earn above average returns on your money.

Here's A Small Taste of Prior Premium Research We've Already Shared With Paid-up M4i Members:

  • How To Buy Land In London For Roughly $8/Share: This is a unique way to own the best office assets in London, by piggybacking off of a group of professional investors who will pay you roughly 6% a year (plus a 35% Return on Capital) to invest with them on some of most in-demand commercial properties in the City of Finance (London).
  • How To Quickly Secure $50k - $250k In Business Credit, Without Paying ANY Interest Or Using ANY Collateral: We have a 10+ year longstanding relationship with an insider funding source that has  helped dozens of our U.S.-based M4 Insider (M4i) members get zero-interest, tax-free, unsecured cash credit (over $8 million in funding for our members alone). The best part is that these cash credit lines aren’t tied to personal assets, and therefore, don’t show up on your personal credit report. You also don’t need to have a business to qualify. This is money you can use for alternative investments, trading, real estate, to start an online business, grow an existing one, or just about anything else you need it for.
  • How To Profit From the 'Pending' Trade of the Decade: We went to our go-to resource / mining expert (name revealed once you're a member) and asked him to create an "opportunity overview" report for M4 Insider members. The exclusive 19-page report outlines the reasons for allocating risk-capital to a hot, brewing unprecedented contrarian opportunity in an  energy asset whose supply crunch has been brewing in the background for some time. Our expert also gives his take on 15 stocks he has on his 'pull-the-trigger-any-minute' list.
  • How to Get the Cheapest Business and First Class Flight Deals: We have a complete series about Travel inside the Etc section of M4 Insider.  It's a curated resource for seeing the world on any budget. Lots and lots of goodies there for anybody with a wanderlust-itch. One of our vetted vendors offers Business & First Class flight deals up to 60% off so that more travelers can experience long haul international flights in true luxury.
  • How To Get a "Borderless Bank Account:Imagine being able to open multiple bank accounts instantly in the USA, UK, Euro Zone, Australia and New Zealand, with just one click. Then you can hold balances in 40 different global currencies. And you can move fiat funds from a crypto exchange to one of these accounts and have access to your funds via a Mastercard debit card. All revealed inside our Fall 2019 member bulletin.
  • How To Start a Non-Profit The Easy Way: A longtime industry colleague of ours found a unique turn-key method to start your very own charitable organization... fast! Until now, there hasn't been an easy, cost-effective way to form and maintain a nonprofit, as it notoriously is a long and expensive process. Building a legacy, built on servitude (while leveraging your mission through first-class tax reduction strategies), is no longer reserved for the elite or super rich.
  • How To Invest in Real Estate For as Little as $500: We vetted out a unique company whose sole mission is to find the best off-market real estate investments — hidden cash-flowing apartment buildings and commercial real estate investing opportunities that have historically been reserved to the ultra-wealthy. Their team looks for the properties, analyzes them for value, cash-flow, and growth. Once purchased, they manage the properties themselves... and pay you...
  • How To Earn 5% Interest on Asset-Backed Loans: We're big proponents of high-reward / mitigated-risk (smart) speculations. However, we also know our members need a conservative offset to that type of investing. And what better way than by purchasing low-risk profile $10-bonds that are fully-secured through small businesses. Once you secure your M4i membership, you can do this in an automated way while getting your interest credited to your account every 7 days. And your proceeds can be cashed-out at any time with no early withdrawal penalty.
  • How To Create An Income Stream From Royalty-Generating Assets: Buying royalties for cash-flow isn’t something you hear about every day. It’s a unique, non-publicly-traded sector that not too many people are familiar with. Yet, royalties are attached to all kinds of different industries and are actually very common. Our go-to vendor in this space is the one to use if you'd like to receive a passive-stream of income, over time, from I.P. (Intellectual Property) tied to film & television, energy, patents, music, book publishing, etc.
  • How To Buy Equity Stakes in Classic Cars For Under $50/share: Learn about the democratization of investments that have only been available to a select few are starting to become a reality. And that is now true for high-end classic cars, too. Brad makes available a screencast walk-thru of a company that is making it affordable for the little-guy-and-gal retail investor to own a piece of automotive history for about the price of a decent dinner for two. 

Plus 100+ more "How-Tos," like the ones above, that will open-up our entire Rolodex to your eyes.

Now Is The Time For a Lifetime / Platinum Membership

We're opening the door to 20 new Platinum members —  after that, we're closing the front-door again.

We want to work with you. We want you to be part of our longstanding community that collectively sifts & sorts through financial "garbage" in order to find rewarding "gems."

As thousands of others have since 2009, you can also piggyback off our research and Rolodex as we continually "vet" new deals, opportunities, and hands-off automated income streams for you.

We'd like you to be one of our 20 news members part of M4 Insider - Platinum.

This is our personal invitation —  with a rare surprise discount (click button below) — to encourage you so that you take action today.

Securing a Lifetime (Platinum) membership is a one-time investment in your future that's all about unconventional money:

You provide the curious, ambitious, open mind... and we'll provide honest value, legitimate due diligence, and critical commentary about "wealth generation," "income opportunities," "investment programs," etc. while we keep things real and genuine.

We'd like you to start diving into our research asap so you can use it to become one of our new raving fans.

Access To The M4 Insider Members-Only Website

You’ll have LIFETIME access to >> the most cutting-edge active & passive money-growing vehicles and strategies on an ongoing basis as we uncover them.

When you log in to our members' area for the first time, you'll get access to our Journal archives with over five years worth of information on wealth-acceleration, cash-flow generation, passive-income streams, managed trading accounts, insider investing, credit funding and a LOT more.

M4i Platinum
  • Active & Passive Investment Vehicles Normally Reserved For The 'Already Wealthy.' You're going to get access to our exclusive vetted list of the world's best active and passive investment vehicles and done-for-you trading services. Over 100+ vendors. All of them have verified track records, with some producing an average ROI of 3%–10%+ per month on 100% auto-pilot.
  • Unique Cash-Flow Opportunities. If you're in need of some extra cash, or simply want to create additional streams of income working from home, we've got you covered. No matter how big or small your budget is, you'll find plenty of unique money-making ideas and pre-screened business opportunities for generating active cash-flow and residual income.
  • Personal Finance & Wealth-Protection Secrets. Our freedoms are constantly under attack in the way of higher taxes, compromised personal privacy, rigged credit systems, currency controls, and rampant rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul governmental policies. As sovereign-living advocates, we'll give you access to little-known strategies, resources, and contacts related to: Improving credit, debt elimination, international living, online privacy, tax minimization, asset protection, obtaining 0% interest cash credit, and more much.
  • Bulletin Updates & Journal Archives. Instead of reading a bunch of general theory or fluff, you'll get no-holds-barred commentary and real world, here's-what-works and here's-how-to-profit information — All killer and NO filler! We're constantly in the mix of research and testing of new opportunities. As an M4 Insider, we'll update you on what's working and what's not; where to consider making adjustments; and how to best utilize the new information we’re constantly adding and archiving inside the members' area.
  • Q&A, Guides & Resources. Beyond Money and the Mind there's the rest... what we just call 'Etc' for ease. In this section, we house our Member Mailbag, where you can ask questions about something you've found inside your M4i membership. There's very likely already a similar question asked by another member that we've answered and archived — if not, ask away. And our Guides page is ever-popular. From extensive reviews of our favorite online brokers to curated links that will help you to see the world on any budget, we're always on the lookout for new insider resources that will enhance your monetary lifestyle.

But that's not all you'll receive by taking action today. We're also going to throw in these free bonus reports...

Bonus Report #1

In The Black – In this report, you'll learn a proven strategy for paying off all your debt (including your mortgage if you have one) in as little as 25% of the time it would normally take you.

Plus, we'll reveal our favorite source to safely and legally eliminate 50% (or more) of your credit card debt ― one of our members used this vendor to wipe out $56k of credit card debt for only $16k, saving them $40k.

Normally Sold for $27Yours FREE Today

Bonus Report #2

Auto-Pilot ROI - This in-depth report is all about investing in Managed Trading Accounts (MTAs) and explains how you can passively participate in the forex and futures markets without having to do any trading yourself.

These underground investments have been used by universities and pension funds for over two decades, yet most people don't know they exist. This report exposes the secret of why Wall Street doesn't want you to know about them.

Sold Separately for $19Yours FREE Today

Bonus Report #3

Cash Miner - This report debunks the myth that "it takes money to make money" and provides you with a curated list of dozens of the best online tools and services you can use to quickly generate cash whenever the need arises.

Whether you're strapped for cash, or just want to make some extra bucks to put towards saving, investing, or leisure spending, as long as you've got a little bit of time and creativity, we'll show you how you can pull in some extra

dough in a few days.

Sold Separately for $19
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You can keep these three reports no matter what. All we ask is that you TRY our M4 Insider membership for the next 60 days.

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And, if for some rare reason, at the end of that two-month period you find it's just not working for you — that it's not every bit as good as our members say it is — simply let us know and we'll refund you 50% of what you paid us to insta-access our rolodex (see our member agreement on the checkout page for details).

I don't know how much more fair we can make this, so join the club and lock in a very special rate today.

This is the best membership I have ever spent money on… period. Practical ideas, lucrative investment opportunities, as well as sound advice… very rare.

Eric Spann


I just became a member and I have to say I'm like a kid in a candy shop right now. Within a couple of hours I moved forward with one of the programs you reviewed. I know my day job won't be necessary too much longer, as I diversify and expand into the wonderful opportunities you have vetted."

Dawn Vought

New York

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"The second vendor with my daily effort learning, growing and compounding my account has given me over 950% in gross profits the last 16 months. Thank you for all your efforts and the research. It has changed and brightened my future immensely."

Wayne Coughlan


In the past, I have mainly been invested with mutual funds, 401k, and CD's (except for ventures into the so called HYIP on the internet a few years ago - which were most scammed.

Thanks to the M4 Insider and your vetted referral to speak to ___ at ____, I have stepped out on a limb and purchased several of those programs in Forex, commodities, options and E-mini's.

My _____ commodities program has made me a great deal of money in just 3 months… around 75% profit. The _____ program (forex and commodities) is starting to bring in profits too.

Kathy Talkin


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