And then, if you go into the deeper Review, you'll see this is a software called CoolTrade...

I won't get into what this is right now, but there's an extensive review that goes to a special get started link that's been supplied to us by the vendor.

And, the key here is to know that the whole focus on this topic is on how to piggyback your money off other people's expertise who focus on doing one thing well.

Some people call this trade streaming.

Some people will know it as financial tech investing. But, it's all automated, and it's where you piggyback off the best of the best - this is what we focus on.

We don't want you watching your screen all day, thinking you've got to be a trader.

Even though we do have resources trading, it's not our focus.

Going to 'Money' > 'Manage' now... 'cause I did mention that we had something in that Journal that references something under privacy.

You can see under 'Personal Finance Series' we have 'Manage Savings', 'Manage Privacy', 'Manage Insurance', 'Manage Debt', 'Manage Taxes', and 'Manage Funding Loans'...

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