So, let's click on 'Stocks, ETFs & Funds'. This is where I showed you earlier where I led into a special report about robotics and A.I.

You can click the Preview, and you can also go into the Review, which is a deeper overview of that macro trend.

'Facilitated / Managed / Auto-Traded / Hands-Free' - this is really our bread and butter here...

We've been adding stuff here since 2009, monitoring it since 2009, updating our members since 2009, and giving them all the ins and outs of what's working and not working.

And, if we take something away, we explain why we take it away. We're very transparent with why we keep this stuff here as well.

So for instance, you might say, ok, there's a minimum investment of an IV (Investment Vehicle) called 'CT'... 2% - 10% a month, $3,500 cost, financing available.

Then you can click the Preview, and there's a quick introductory video...

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