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I'm Barry Goss, the Publisher of  M4 Insider

When I first co-launched M4 Insider in December of 2009 (then named The Wealth Vault), I asked my partner-in-research Brad Weinman one simple question:

Do you also agree that our marketing, or a push for new members, should never come at the expense of content innovation... and the value we provide to existing paid-up members?

Almost instantly, he said, "Not only yes... but hell yeessssss! Agreed 100%"

The down-in-dirty point is that if you're looking for a one-stop alternative wealth-building hub — a community of ambitious opportunity seekers, risk-tolerant speculators and smart investors — not only will you receive quality unique research... you'll get a caring set of hands who wants to see you succeed.

Acquisition metrics don't drive us. What does is this never-ending curiosity: What unique methods, what uncommon cash-flow avenues and off-the-beaten-path investments can we vett out for our members?

We're not Editors who don't (or can't) have our our money into the programs, resources and investment ideas we sift out and pass along to members. Instead, we're in the game with you.

It's why M4 Insider was born... and still exist a decade later.

What Is M4 Insider?

In a nutshell, M4 Insider (M4i) the private place — a members-only secure online vault — where we deliver and archive our premium research.

M4i is a "money research" membership club that essentially acts as an ongoing / updated ROLODEX of unique and uncommon (mostly 'off Wall Street') investment vehicles, cash-flow programs, tools, resources, ideas, and contacts.

We specialize in sifting out and doing due diligence on alternative investments — those that offer higher rewards, higher yields, and higher risks.

We also spend time finding and writing about wealth-building resources, tools, and contacts that fall under a traditional asset class umbrella... if, and only if, what we come across helps our members gain a significant edge or has proven to provide abnormally positive RESULTS.

If you’re tired of having to wade through fluff-filled financial research that focuses on boring economic data and political ideology, just to be able to find unique places you can earn above average returns on your money.

We're Probably A Resource You Now Need!

We'll be open again soon. And, rest assured with the same differentiating premium research as you see below.

[NOTE:  Below are selected research samples from past members-only Journals / Bulletins. These are previews only. You can click on each headline to get a sneak-peek into the type of content we share with M4 Insider members]

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How To Profit From The Robot Revolution

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The Apple of 'Automated Investing.'

How To Earn A Guaranteed 1.90% On Stashed-Away Cash

Plus 100+ more "How-Tos," like the ones above,
that will open-up our entire Rolodex to your eyes.

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