An Open Letter To Anyone Who Wants To Know...

How I Banked $69,900 In Two Months With This New Crisis-Proof System, While I Was Stuck In My Home On Lockdown!

Learn Exactly What I'm Doing, And How You Can Start Generating Automated Cash-Flow Without Selling Or Speaking To Anyone... And With Zero Money Out Of Pocket

From the desk of:
Brad Weinman, Co-founder, M4 Research

​Dear Ambitious-minded Friend,

​As a home business mentor for the past 23 years, I've been showing people (just like you) some of the best ways I know of to earn up to $20,000+ per month from home.

I've spent 1000's of hours and well over six figures researching, reviewing and testing just about every type of money-making opportunity and idea under the sun.

​I've pretty much seen it all. Bought it all. And tried it all.

​So I know what works, and more importantly, what doesn't.

Most of the opportunities I've tested were complete duds.

Some were profitable.

​But the (nearly) 100% automated income system I'm about to share with you is easily one of the top 5 most lucrative done-for-you programs I've ever come across.

​Now, I know that might cause your B.S. meter to go off like it does mine, especially if you've tried other business opportunities in the past that didn't pan out.

​After all, "done for you" and "automated income system" are sexy catchphrases.

And what I've found, more times than not, is that the hype and wild claims usually never live up to reality.


​Every once in a blue moon, a program comes along that truly delivers on it's promises.

​I know the internet is full of bogus claims, so here's a screenshot of my commission statement after my first two months in this business so you can see for yourself...

* My results, as well as the other members mentioned on this page aren't typical.

Those aren't anticipated earnings.

Those aren't projected profits.

And they're not pie-in-the-sky.

That's real, money-in-the-bank cash-flow the automated system you're about to discover generated for me virtually on autopilot.

And the best part is...

​​​​​These Profits Came In While I Was On Lockdown

But before I spill the beans on this lucrative opportunity, let me address the big, hairy elephant in the room...

  • As it stands, over 40 million Americans are jobless as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of them entered unemployment with no savings.
  • Hundreds of thousands of businesses are in survival mode, or are bankrupt and shut down permanently due to an extended quarantine.
  • Trillions of dollars are being printed (and stolen) in the name of quantitative easing.
  • Students owe $1.5 trillion in college debt.
  • Our entire financial system (created by the government) is a mirage based on unlimited paper money, and endless credit.
  • Congress has passed the biggest bailout package EVER in history.
  • Health insurance premiums have more than doubled since Obamacare.
  • ​Roughly 40 million Americans are on food stamps..
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, Millennials are "in worse financial shape" than every generation that came before them.

The list goes on and on.

Covid-19's impact is like something out of a movie.

​It's unprecedented, and it's creating a domino effect not seen since the Great Depression.

​Anyone that thinks this is all temporary and will just blow over is in for a big shock.​

Because the sad truth is...

Covid-19 is Simply Fast Tracking Everything
​That Was Already Happening.

  • Even before the pandemic, 74% of Americans were already living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Almost a third of American adults already had no emergency savings.
  • Consumer debt was already higher than it was prior to the 2008 financial crisis and recently crossed the $14 trillion mark.
  • Nobody owns sh!t anymore.
  • And many were already barely scraping by just to survive.

Some are saying it's going to take at least a DECADE to heal from the financial mess caused by the pandemic.

​We've all seen how fragile "job security" is.

​And until a vaccine is available, the economy isn't likely to fully recover.

​Despite what anyone tells you...

No matter how much money or 'stimulus checks' the government hands out, the gap between the rich and the poor is growing bigger by the day.

​And, that leaves you with a choice of which side you're going to be on:

To live in fear of what will happen next...

Or, to step up and take back control of your life and your future.

That's why, with all the B.S. and shenanigans going on, EVERYONE needs a Plan B in this upcoming post-Covid economy.

The good news?

​Every crisis creates opportunity... IF you know where to look.

The old, outdated and broken safety nets are being replaced by new possibilities.

There has NEVER been a greater time in modern history to become independent from:

  • The Government
  • Employers
  • Fiat Currency (USD)

The "New Normal" offers tremendous opportunities to those who are willing to reject the status quo and become self-reliant.

And you might be wondering...

"What does all this have to do with me?"

The answer to that is EVERYTHING.

It's all based around TWO TRILLION DOLLAR TRENDS and a time-sensitive special situation that's playing out right now.

These two trends are beginning to converge into a new, even more powerful wave of innovation and disruption.

You'll see exactly what I mean in a minute, but it starts with the fact that...

Hard-Working, Ambitious People Are Being Forced To Look For New Ways To Earn Income.

Here's a screenshot of Google Trends for people searching "work from home" after the Covid-19 threat appeared:

That graph may not mean much to you right now, but let me spell out exactly what's happening, and more importantly​, how you can profit from this massive shift.

​With tens of millions losing their jobs in the U.S. alone, people are fed up with the grind and the constant worry. 

They're spending more time indoors and online than ever before, and they're ready to make some serious changes and TAKE CONTROL of their lives.

Over the next couple years, we're going to see huge numbers of people going "REMOTE" and working from home like nothing we've ever seen before. 

Anyone who understands this trend has a really good chance to profit from it in a BIG way.

Let's go back in history a bit...

During the gold rush days, there were two groups of people trying to strike it rich.

First, you had the miners who were diggin' for gold.

They traveled hundreds of miles away from their families to find opportunity.

That's how hungry and ambitious they were.

And then you had the second group who sold picks and shovels to the miners.

Instead of risking everything, including their life, they became very rich from just selling tools and equipment to the miners.

Now, although there's no gold rush today, there are more "miners" looking for gold online and trying to strike it rich then possibly ever before.

​They usually jump around from company to company and "shiny object" to "shiny object" searching for that gold.

The picks and shovel sellers, on the other hand, are people like you and I that can help these miners strike gold by offering them a highly-automated, income-generating system to make money working from home.

​Now, this new "work from home" wave is already impacting our economy.

​But, it has the power to really set you up for life when you combine it with the SECOND trillion dollar trend I hinted at:

Digital Assets

One of the most important software innovations of our lifetime is the blockchain, and the movement toward digital currencies and electronic assets.

Some even put it on par with with fire, the wheel and the internet.

​For several years now, we've been transitioning from the industrial age to the computer age.

​We've moved from a paper-based analog world to a digital society.

​The whole world has gone digital.

We're already conducting digital transactions thanks to credit cards, debit cards, and payment services like PayPal, Zelle, and Apple Pay.

​And blockchain tech will let these services operate faster, cheaper and safer, and will eventually entirely transform our financial system.

​Another important factor in this emerging digital revolution is that the Fed and Washington will NEVER allow their precious baby (the greenback) to fall down the staircase.

​As a result, anyone holding traditional fiat currencies like dollars, euros or yen is slowly losing wealth, every single day.

​In fact, the U.S. dollar loses about half of it's purchasing power every decade!

​This sobering chart shows just how much your saved dollars lose value over the years...

Because of the dollar's decline in purchasing power, many are dumping their dollars and moving their money into digital assets ("tokens" and digital currencies) like Bitcoin.

​For many years, I was extremely skeptical about Bitcoin.

​Most people watched from the sidelines as the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed to almost $20,000 back in 2017, only to fall back to around half that value today.

But let me share some very important facts about Bitcoin the general public doesn't understand...

First of all, Bitcoin (like gold and silver) is the ultimate hedge against the dollar and hyper-inflation.

Cause quite frankly, why would anyone want to be saving dollars right now knowing they're printing trillions more of it out of thin air?

Second, unlike fiat currency, Bitcoin is "finite."

It has a limited supply cap of 21 million.

Nobody can print more Bitcoin.

Scarcity is automatically built right in, so it's like the "new digital gold."

According to CNN, Bitcoin was 2019's top-performing asset, outpacing tech stocks, oil, and even the cannabis industry.

Robert Kiyosaki, best selling author of the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" series has recently come out and said, "Buy Bitcoin".

He expects Bitcoin to hit $75,000 within the next three years.

But Kiyosaki isn't the only big player in the business world that has publicly recommended Bitcoin.

Billionaire hedge fund investor Paul Tudor Jones is allocating 1 to 2% of his personal portfolio to Bitcoin and recently endorsed it in a research note sent out to his high net worth clients.

In it, he wrote that because of Bitcoin's scarcity and decentralized nature, buying it makes much more sense than fiat currencies, which are quickly being inflated away due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

And billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper says, "Bitcoin is to the dollar as the internet is to paper."

He predicts a single Bitcoin will be worth $250,000 as early as 2022.

Keep in mind that by the time the average person on the street hears about something as innovative as Bitcoin is, the opportunity to cash in on it is pretty much gone.

Just like any other financial trend, the REAL money is made in the beginning phases before everyone else is in on it.

And here's the thing...

We're at the beginning of a historical move that will create a whole new level of wealth for early adopters that we've never seen before.

The beauty of owning Bitcoin is that you don't have to already be wealthy to get wealthy from it.

I bought my first Bitcoin back in 2013 for a whopping $131, but my #1 way to acquire Bitcoin is through the automated internet business I'm involved in.

The Secret To Making $20,000 Per Month (Or More) Without Selling Or Speaking To Anyone

​What's the fastest way for absolute beginners to create a job-replacing income and start making $500 - $1,000+ per day on a part-time basis?

For many years now my answer has always been the same: promote big ticket affiliate programs.

These are business opportunities that allow you to purchase the licensing rights (kinda like a franchise) to digital information products and then be able to resell them at a substantial profit.

By the way, my definition of a big ticket product is any item that sells for at least $1,000.

The "secret" to making $20,000+ per month is much easier to accomplish by promoting a big ticket affiliate program instead of traditional MLMs or Network Marketing opportunities that pay peanuts for each referral.

​It's one of the few business models out there that has the ability to put serious upfront cash in your pocket faster than just about any other type of online business I know of... and again, I've seen them all.

​For example, if you wanted to make $10,000 per month promoting a $20 product, you'd have to acquire 500 new customers per month.

​Or you can take a second option, which is a bit counter-intuitive...

​Instead of promoting a $20 product, you could promote a $1,000 product.

​That means you'd only need to find just 10 new customers per month.

In my experience, finding 10 people to pay you $1,000 is actually easier and more profitable than finding 500 people to pay $20 for a product.

There are many different types of big ticket products you can promote.

​But I prefer marketing education & training products in the MMO (make money online) niche.

Not only are the profit margins higher, but everybody wants to make more money and improve their lifestyle.

​When I switched from promoting Network Marketing programs in 2001 to big ticket programs, my monthly income went from around $3,700 per month to over $50,000 per month within 9 months.

​It happened that fast.

​And the ONLY thing I changed was the business model.

Why This Big Ticket "Digital Franchise" Is Taking The Industry By Storm...

​In a world where scammy opportunities are flooding our inboxes daily, this newbie-friendly, big ticket program is the one shining star you can bank on.

​Here are just a few of the reasons why I personally got positioned in this amazing program at the top level and give it 5 STARS:

1. This is the only big ticket program that pays out commissions exclusively in Bitcoin.

As an affiliate, earning Bitcoin is the best of both worlds.

It's peer to peer, so it's not dependent upon banks or merchants (thank God), so it can't get shut down.

​It's permission-less, border-less, almost instant and virtually free (costs pennies) to send and receive Bitcoin.

Y​ou earn 60% commissions ($1,200 to $16,500) on all sales referred by you, and 10% commissions ($200 to $2,750) on all sales referred by your personally referred people.

​What makes this even cooler is the fact that the first $36k in commissions I earned with this program while I was under quarantine lockdown were paid out when the price of one Bitcoin was about $5,600.

I held on to my Bitcoin, and because the price has risen over the past couple months, today's value is now over $54k.

That's almost a $20k appreciation just for hodling on to my Bitcoin vs selling it for dollars.

When Bitcoin revisits it's $20k all time high, the same amount will grow to over $100K in value.

This is WHY I love getting paid my affiliate commissions in Bitcoin.

​2. The company has a dedicated team of 7- and 8-figure mentors that do all the selling and making sales for you on auto-pilot.

So, you never have to get on the phone and talk to anyone, or sell anything.

No more going back and forth for days on end trying to get someone to join you in the business - those days are over.

Point being, this system was designed for anyone working a full-time job or who already has a busy schedule and has little time to run a side business at full speed.  

It will work for anyone, no matter what your skills or experience level is.

3. The company has a high-converting marketing system and follow up sequence in place.

This includes a complimentary concierge service where they'll call all of our leads and personally invite them to book a consultation with one of their friendly coaches.

The company has hired the best copywriters, programmers, and marketing minds to ensure their fully automated system is always providing our prospects and members with the best user experience possible.

​No email list is needed to do this, and no prior experience is needed either.

​Basically, you're just plugging into something that's already working without having to learn how to build websites or sales funnels, and all the other complicated technology that trips most people up.

4. The company provides their own in-house advertising coop.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business. Without it, your business is doomed.

​You can have the greatest business opportunity in the world, but if nobody sees it... well, you know the story.

However, getting traffic with this program is extremely easy because the company takes care of all the advertising for you

​They know what's working NOW and contract with several vendors that generate a steady flow of leads from a wide variety of both offline and online sources.

​The best part is, you only pay for leads that actually take action and book a call with a coach. 

​In other words, you're not going to pay a dime for tire kickers or looky-loos.

5. Those who qualify can get started with zero money out of pocket.

The top 10% in the world of business have always understood the power of leveraging debt to create wealth.

​Take banks for an example...

They use OPM (Other Peoples Money - aka, YOUR money) to lend out to others, and profit from huge interest rates, while paying you peanuts to park your money with them in an account.

The company offers a zero-money-out-of-pocket financing option that allows you to (legally) rob the banks and tap into OPM to build wealth for you and your family.

​This is the real deal.

Not only is it working for me, but it's working for countless others, too.

Don't take my word for it... 

Check Out These Testimonials From Other Affiliates:

Can you see how powerful this is?

​This opportunity combined with the ability to get paid in Bitcoin will allow you to compress 40 years of wealth building into as little as a few short years.

​That's why it was a complete no-brainer for me to get involved.

​There are only a few active income projects that I'm willing to put my name behind right now and this is one of them.

The Time To Crisis-Proof Yourself Is Now

​Albert Einstein said "you can't solve a problem with the same thinking that created it."

​It works the same with your finances.

​If you want your financial situation to change, then you have to do something new.

​The most empowering feeling in the word is knowing that you're 100% in control of your financial destiny.

​There's so much money to be made with this one-of-a-kind program, and it's just getting started.

​You've got no time to waste!

The clock is ticking, and the sooner you take a free test drive of the system and experience the brilliance of the step-by-step process for yourself...

The sooner you can start pulling in Bitcoin commissions from people desperately searching terms like "work from home" and actually help them out.

​It all starts with you taking action.

​So, if you'd like to:

  • Add another 0 to your monthly income...
  • Have your money work harder than you do...
  • Take time off whenever you want without asking for permission...
  • And get paid while you're sleeping, on vacation, or doing cartwheels on a remote white sandy beach...

Then all you have to do is choose one of the following options and follow the easy steps...

Option #1

Step #1 - Click Here to Register for a FREE Account.

Step #2 - Once you're logged in, be sure to watch the first 3 videos that explain the system in depth and how you make money with the program.

Step #3 - After you watch the 3 videos, schedule a free call with a mentor so you can have the remaining video content unlocked. There's NO charge to speak with a mentor, and you won't be asked for money on this call.

Option #2

Join our flagship wealth-building club, M4 Insider, FIRST (at a 50% discount) and get the following FREE BONUSES:

  • Access to our 'Crypto How-To's Channel ($197 Value)
  • Access to My Done-For-You Traffic Vendors ($97 Value)
  • Private One-On-One Coaching Call With Me ($297 Value)
  • Free Solo Ad Traffic (Up to a $3,000 Value)
  • 365 Day Custom Autoresponder Campaign ($297 Value)
  • Ongoing Support & Mentoring From Me (Priceless)

We're literally giving away the farm here, so do whatever it takes to position yourself for the greatest level of success.

But you'll want to move quickly. Because like all good things, they don't LAST!

Join M4 Insider Here...

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