​Below is a member preface to one of 5 new additions we added to M4 Insider on Friday, June 23rd 2017.

If you have a keen interest in learning unique ways to adapt technology into the art of making, managing and multiplying money — if you want access to quality alternative investment researchers and full-time investors, and cash-flow opportunities — then check out our special offer below Brad's signature.

​Uncovering quality passive IVs (Investment Vehicles) that allow members to participate with smaller minimums is no small task… it’s almost the equivalent of searching for a needle in a haystack.

Most of the top-performing IVs we endorse have account minimums starting at $5k and above.

This, unfortunately, disqualifies many members who have limited funds to invest.However, that’s a non issue with our latest addition.

Because anyone can get started for as little as 50 Euros (about $53 USD), and earn a net ROI of 10% - 12% per month from this vendor’s automated Bitcoin Packages.

I’ve been personally testing this IV out with my own money for the past few months, and have been very pleased with the passive Bitcoin profits that have been generated in my account and successfully withdrawn so far.

In my write-up, I’ve got a brand new video for you that was just recorded a couple days ago with two well-respected industry friends of mine.

The insider information and insights they shared isn’t something you’ll find anywhere else.

But, regardless of whether you decide to engage in this IV or not, I think you’ll get a ton of value just from the video alone.

To get access to this newly-endorsed IV, along with my interview with these two full-time 'off wall street' investors, join M4 Insider here...

​Brad Weinman
Co-Founder & Director
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