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[ A. ] M4 Research, LLC, is the publisher of multiple exclusive memberships and products, including M4 Insider and various Premium Reports, including The Renegade Money Guide – Full Throttle, Auto-FX Explorer, and Crypto Cash Cow.

We, along with our partners, editors, and affiliates, ONLY offer education, contacts, ideas, research — in other words, our own unique ‘rolodex’ of money-growing resources.

[ B. ] We don’t — and, legally can’t — make any recommendations as to what you should do with your money… nor, can we guarantee your success in any venture.

We’re not brokers, money managers, or licensed / registered financial advisors.

[ C. ] Some of the information inside our member area is of a very confidential nature. You MAY VERBALLY share it with your immediate family and personal advisors, if you choose.

However, you may NOT share it with anyone by copying it, printing it, or otherwise disseminating it in written form.

The content inside our member area is copyrighted material and may not be made available to any person or entity who does not have a paid and active M4 membership.

[ D. ] You’re accessing an information archive of very progressive, unusual, and incredibly unique money-growing and money-saving resources.

Each membership is similar to a magazine subscription, in the sense that NEW information will be given out as it’s discovered, researched, tested, and written about, in the future.

However, unlike a magazine, our memberships may have an irregular publication schedule.

There is no guarantee that a certain amount of information will be published in any given timeframe.

[ E. ] By joining us, you understand that our memberships are NOT something that you should expect to give you the magic pill to riches without some investment of time, money, and effort in the game first.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: There’s never a money problem; just an idea, creativity, and execution problem.

And, of course, knowing the right people and getting the right information at the right time doesn’t hurt, either. This is the BIG value-add of being one of our M4 members.

NOTE: Any breach of this agreement may result in the immediate termination of your membership and access to your online member’s area.

The term of this Agreement shall be ongoing commencing from the date of your initial subscription and would only expire upon the expiration of any copyrighted material on the web site.

60-Day Great Research Guaranteed Policy (Premium Reports Only)

We’re so confident you’ll find value in these reports that we’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

Your purchase is fully guaranteed for up to 60 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied with any of these reports, M4 Research, LLC will refund your money completely once you submit your request to:

Membership Refund Policy (Memberships Only)

Your purchase is fully guaranteed for up to 60 days, as long as you put forth self-accountable efforts in using and implementing the programs, resources, tools and contacts presented to you within your members’ area.

We’d like you to keep your membership(s) if you’re committed to building wealth, and bringing in PASSIVE income. The resources, contacts, and investment vehicles are not to be entered into casually.

Bottom line: We will only issue refunds (minus a small “tire kicker” fee) to members who can show us evidence that they have utilized the material and resources available.

No requests for a refund request will be entertained and no refund will be considered prior to 50 days from the original date of enrollment.

Refunds will only be considered for the initial billing period. No refunds will be consider for subsequent billing periods.

If you, for some rare reason, end up being one of these members and, at the 60-day mark, are still not convinced you can make back 10 times more than your minimal purchase price, let us know. We will then refund you 50% of your first billing cycle.

Recurring Billing (Memberships Only)

I understand that all memberships (excluding M4i Platinum) require a recurring subcription fee in order to keep my access active. This means, for my convenience, I will be billed automatically until I cancel.

M4 Insider Trial Policy

I understand I’ll be giving M4 Insider a test drive. If I enjoy the product and see that the value I receive far exceeds the price I’d pay for monthly access, my credit card will conveniently be billed automatically for the monthly fee without having to take any further action.

I understand that there is no refund for the $1 M4 Insider trial. However, I am able to cancel my trial at any time before I’m billed for the regular price of the membership.

M4 Insider Introductory Pricing On Subscriptions

I understand that the introductory pricing is only good for the introductory period (stated below), after which I will automatically be billed the regular price.

Monthly members are billed at an introductory rate of $7 for the first month, after which they are automatically billed at $24.97 / month.

Quarterly members are billed at an introductory rate of $47 for the first 89 days of membership, after which they are automatically billed at a rate of $67 every 3 months.

These introductory rates are not allowed to be repeated. And, any member to be found abusing this will be immediately banned from the community.

Earnings & Accountability Disclaimer

By proceeding with your membership(s) or Premium Report purchase, you’re also confirming that you’ve read and agreed to the following:

I understand that any subscription fee I pay to be an active member gives me access to your research ONLY — this includes your education, contacts, ideas, and investment reviews and commentary.

I understand that you don’t DIRECTLY operate or manage an investment program or investment club, and that if I want to invest in IVs (Investment Vehicles) that you present to me, I must have the necessary investment capital, above and beyond my membership and / or report fees.

I understand that the results I may have seen from your marketing communications, or will see from you via some of your endorsements and ideas, don’t guarantee I’ll get the same results.

I also know that losses do occur and that, in the end, depending on market conditions, and how I manage my finances, I may not make any money at all.

I understand that I’m fully accountable for my actions, as well as my own attitude and open mind towards what I find inside your private inner-circle member area.

Agreement And Compliance

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