Same thing with our 'Guides & Resources' under the 'Etc.' area. 

We have, for instance, an entire sub-series here under 'M4i Travel', which is all about leveraging ways to travel and saving money while you're doing it, and you can see how that's laid out there by icon and overview...

And, there's also it's own sub-navigational series there on the right.

There's a 'Mind' series, but for the most part, 'Money', 'Etc.', and 'Journal' is where we put everything. 

We're a big proponent though of mind, which I'm just going to touch on briefly here...

We probably have over $5,000 worth of stuff just under 'Mind'.

We have licensing agreements with some of this content, but our main entry here -- the one we started with -- is High-Yield Wealth From The Inside Out.

And this is just about how these areas here, get in people's way when they're not looked at.

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