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Our handy-dandy, snazzy automation software put a tag on your email record indicating you no longer desire to receive information on the particular offer we just emailed you about.

You'll no longer gets nudges and prompts about that offer.

While we have your attention, however, here are a few other ideas, links, resources we thoroughly endorse and recommend:


A Legit Credit To Cashflow System

No need to have idle cash producing no returns. Why not borrow at ~5%/APY and turn around and make ~15%/month? Credit-to-cashflow at it finest.


Instantly Change How You Feel

Our Publisher, Barry Goss, has been involved in the brainwave entrainment' space since 2008. Why? Because, it's a scientifically-proven method of changing your mind-state, using external stimuli.

And, when you click here, you can sample one of his friend's .mp3s... at no charge. A $17 value on the house.  Try out Karl's Relaxation Shot, for instance. It uses special sounds to replicate a pattern of calm, which will automatically settle your brain activity, creating a feeling of being balanced and at ease. Check them out. We think you'll be impressed.


Bear's Bulletins

The co-founder of M4 Research, Barry Goss, has put together (finally!) his personal brand newsletter. It is dripping with his own irreverent style, and packed with the type of inspiration and action-items that only a grizzled ol' Bear could provide. 

As always, we here at M4 Research continue on with our mission to filter out the gems from the garbage.  

If you have any questions whatsoever about why we're endorsing the above outside vendors / products, don't hesitate to contact us...

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