Alternative Wealth-Building For Main Street

He was in a Pirates of the Caribbean-esque “financial fantasy-land” it seems.

One of our recent new M4 Insider members wrote us to say:

Are you kidding me… there’s more money-gems here than I could ever find the time to round-up, much less bless on my own. You, Captain Barry, are my hero for putting this together.

“So many traditional publishers charge 10x more than you do yet they won’t dare touch upon the more esoteric programs and investments you’re willing to share. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this treasure chest of goodies that I know will expedite my path to a better future.”

That was from Dennis Owens, a happy brand-new M4i Gold member.

The idea, as always since 2009, has been for us to sift-thru and select the hidden, but vetted money-resources and investments our members can take to the bank — if just simply acted on. Which, we have found more often than not means having a team of people they can rely on to be “in the game” with them.

We’re more than just a alternative-investments research team; more than an editor filling your mind with boring economic drivel and fluff-filled market analysis.

Instead of inundating you with that useless, time-wasting data, we just focus our time (and our our money, as warranted) on vetting out opportunities and investments that anyone with a small amount of discretionary risk-capital (anywhere between $500 to $2,500+) can tap into.

The overall mission here is for us to be ride along side you as you also enhance your own net-worth quicker than what the “professionals” say is possible.

If that approach appeals to you, then let’s continue….

Like Dennis above alluded to, M4 Insider essentially IS very much like having access to an ever-expanding “vault” of money-making and multiplying gems and trinkets (to go with his analogy).

For instance, via our recent member fall bulletin, we informed our paid-up members about a few nifty, very useful things:

One example is our ultimate list of work-from-home jobs. Marketplaces, listings and sites that focus on legit salaried remote work.

We also passed along an updated presentation, hosted by my partner-in-profits Brad Weinman, with our long-time credit-funding vendor. Our colleagues’ firm has relationships with the nation’s largest lending institutions. And over the last 7 years they’ve helped dozens of our U.S.-based members get up to $250,000 in zero-interest, tax-free, unsecured cash credit.

We also gave am update our on go-to vendor that allows us to earn 5% interest on asset-backed business loans. This particular investment is a) uncorrelated to the broader markets, including real estate; b) provides a very user-friendly app-based auto-roundup purchase of low-risk profile $10 bonds derived from business loans; and C) a simple savings-account like structure to do so.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the all-steak / no-sizzle premium research we offer.

For instance, how about a way to create an income stream from royalty-generating assets. Being able to buy royalties for cash-flow isn’t something you hear about every day. It’s a unique, non-publicly-traded sector that not too many people are familiar with.

Yet, royalties are attached to all kinds of different industries such as oil, gas, patents, publishing, etc., and are actually very common. The vendor we added to our ‘Multiply’ section has created an entirely new asset class that didn’t exist until recently.

Or, what about a vetted auto-pilot trading program that we’re using to multiply our own money weekly, to the turn of 4% to 7% a WEEK, on average.

Or, how about the two alternative asset classes that the Wall Street Journal in 2018 said were at the top of their “best investments” list:

  • Art
  • Classic Cars

Via M4 Insider, we have extensive reporting and how-to resources on both.

On the latter investment, we have a screencast walk-thru which shows the little-guy-and-gal retail investor how to own a piece of automotive history for about the price of a decent dinner for two.

Yup, equity stakes in classic cars for under $50/share.

And, if you’re interested in diving deeper down the art investing rabbit hole, when you join us, you can read Brad’s in-depth report: Picture-Perfect Profits.

It will give you a better understanding of the art world, how it operates, how to avoid getting ripped off, and is chock full of additional resources of where to buy affordable art.

But again, those examples are a small slice of the unique gems awaiting you…

9 out of 10 people only invest in traditional investments… the same ol’ boring stocks, bonds, and mutual funds everyone and their Uncle Bob has access to.

But there’s an entire universe of Unconventional Investment Vehicles (UIVs) that allow you to accomplish in just 4 to 5 years what would normally take you 40 or 50 years to do the old-fashioned traditional way.

The REAL truth is, there are regular people (just like you) that are generating consistent returns on their money of 20%, 30%, or even 50% or more EVERY SINGLE YEAR without touching individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or any other traditional investments.

Little-known alternative investments like these can boost the growth of your income and retirement savings at least 10 times faster than you’re currently doing.

So, if money-growing opportunities like this are out there, where do you find credible information about them? Well, Brad asked himself that very question over 10 years ago.

Feel free to review that 5-min presentation, if you wish.

However, a warning ahead of time.

I’m about to shut down M4 Insider to new members this Friday.


Because, between then and January I’ll be working hard to make it even more valuable to existing members. Adding new features, increasing the size of our rolodex of vetted traders, money experts and investment resources. Adding some collaborative bells ‘n whistles so you can interact with other members.

That’s just the cliff notes version of why I need the next 45 days or so to be uninterrupted from the duties of greeting new members.

But you can get in now and access hordes of value at two price levels that, quite frankly, are a steal; a drop in the bucket on your pocketbook to be able to access our Journal archives with over five years worth of information on wealth-acceleration, cash-flow generation, passive-income streams, managed trading accounts, insider investing, credit funding and much more..

Without any reservation (no hyperole when I say this):

This is the kind of information Brad and I BOTH wanted for ourselves 10 years ago,. It’s the insider info. that is the key to time and freedom and it’s only attainable through M4 Insider… at a price you can’t argue with.

We hope to see on you on the Inside…

Your Partner in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry Goss
Publisher, M4 Research

P.S. This closes down on Friday, November 29th, for the year. If you’ve ever been remotely on the fence about joining our unique decade-old wealth-building club, this is the time to do it.

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